Use a Heavy Weight Plate or Heavy Dumbbells

Let’s start from the beginning. “A weight plate is a flat, heavy object, usually made of cast iron, that is used in combination with barbells or dumbbells to produce a bar with a desired total weight for the purpose of physical exercise.” (Source:

In this circuit we use a set of dumbbells or a heavy weight plate. Typically the heavier the weight plate the larger the weight plate diameter. But a twenty-five pound plate may be as large as a forty-five pound plate. A difference between them is their thickness. A forty-five pound weight plate is thicker than a twenty-five pound plate. Using a forty-five pound plate will challenge your muscles and your grip.

So, find the weight plate or dumbbells you want to use and explore. Set a timer. Go!


Perform each exercise for 40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest. After you complete the round take a minute rest, then repeat. Finish with low impact Tabata style exercises

Perform 3 rounds

  1. Bridge Pullover (option: one leg lift, switch half way)
  2. Full frontal raise (option: half way up)
  3. Alternate reverse lunge with twist
  4. Overhead triceps extensions
  5. Hammer curl
  6. Reach squat (as squat, lifting arms so parallel with floor)
  7. Gator Press (light weight)
  8. Hip Hinge to Reverse Fly
  9. Chop L/R (switch sides halfway) Option: Standing Oblique Crunch
  10. Forward Lunge (option: Overhead Carry)
  11. Pushup to Bird-Dog (Opposition Reach)
  12. ISO-Jack

Low Impact Tabata style Exercises

  • Single Left Leg Skaters
  • Single Right Leg Skaters
  • Left leg Reverse Lunge to Knee Ups
  • Right leg Reverse Lunge to Knee Ups
  • Left Knee Drivers to Both Elbow
  • Right Knee Drivers to Both Elbow

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