Strength & Cardio Bootcamp Exercise Circuit

Equipment: Hand weights/Barbell, mat

After a 5-10 minute warmup…

Circuit 1 (40sec work / 20sec rest x3)

  1. Squat, Curl, Press
  2. Burpee to Deadlift (NO Pushup)
  3. Alt Rev Lunge w/Overhead hold
  4. Push up to renegade row
  5. Weighted Sit-up to Russian Twist
  6. Marching Hip Raises

Circuit 2 (1min work / 1min rest x2, 1 minute break for transition)

  1. Back and forth Side Shuffle, 4 lunge hops
  2. 3 min Run
  3. Sprint forward/back, L/R box drill
  4. 3 min Run
  5. Frog hop, 4 ladders
  6. 3 min Run

Circuit 3 (20sec work / 10sec rest 3x)

  1. Speed planks
  2. Double Leg Stretch
  3. Twisty Mountain Climbers
  4. Boat or Hollow Body Hold
  5. Superman’s
  6. Leg Raises

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