24 Reps per Exercise Workout

Circuit 1 designed to work major muscle groups. Circuit 2 created to elevate heart rate. Depending on your speed and strength this workout should take about 60 minutes to complete.

Circuit 1 (24 reps/exercise unless specified otherwise)

  1. Squats (slow 3 count down / 1 quick up)
  2. Static R Arm Bicep Curl
  3. Static L Arm Bicep Curl
  4. Forward Lunge with Bounce (12/side 2x)
  5. Split Stance R Row
  6. Split Stance L Row
  7. Alt Rev Lunge to Twist toward bent knee (12/side 2x)
  8. L-T-Y Shoulder / Chest Fly (12 only)
  9. Gluten/Leg Up and Over (12/side 2x)
  10. Up and Down Planks (Lead with right arm, then lead with left arm, 12/side 2x)

Circuit 2 (30 sec / 15 sec 3x then switch)

Divide the participants: half perform (left of slash) exercise, other half perform (right of slash) exercise.

  • Wall Sit / Side Shuffle, touchdown
  • Plank Jacks / Overhead Carry w/2 Jacks

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