Pyramid Circuit Training with Weights

What is a pyramid?

It’s a gradual increase and decrease of exercise repetitions (reps). For example your goal is to complete 3 sets of 12 reps of an exercise. But you want to complete your incrementally. Start with 4 reps of the exercise, rest. Then add 4 more reps for a total of 8 reps, rest. Then, you go for the 12 rep goal, rest. Finally, decrease the reps count the way you increased rep count by subtracting 4 reps until you complete the final 4 reps. That’s the pyramid. Start with a base of work, gradually build until you reach your peak, then work your way to your base.


Today’s Exercise Station Format

Barbell, heavy and light hand weights

4 reps/exercise, 8 reps/exercise, 12 reps/exercise, then decrease by 4. Here’s how your pyramid for these circuits will look, 4-8-12-8-4.

Circuit 1

  1. Chest Press
  2. Bent over rows (palms out)
  3. Squat
  4. Bicep Curl
  5. (R) Lateral Lunge
  6. (L) Lateral Lunge
  7. Treadmill, Distance .15 miles @ level 9-11 or AFAP 1 minute

Circuit 2

  1. (R) Rev Lunge
  2. (L) Rev Lunge
  3. Barbell Deadlift
  4. IC Shoulder Raises
  5. Calf Raise
  6. Stationary Bike, .3 miles @ level 10-12 or AFAP for 1 min

Circuit 3

  1. Curl Up
  2. L Side Plank (10/side) (obliques)
  3. R Side Plank (10/side) (obliques)
  4. Supermans (lower abs)
  5. Russian Twist
  6. Mountain Climbers, 20