Strength to Circuit Stations

Equipment: Light and heavy dumbbells, a mat

Strength work

Complete the following series of strength training exercises.

45 seconds of work / 15 second break between exercises

  1. Forward Lunge with Overhead Reach
  2. Inchworm Plank Lift
  3. Speed Skaters
  4. Rotating Reverse Lunges
  5. Thruster Press
  6. Deadlift / Row
  7. Bicep Curl
  8. Tricep Overhead Extension
  9. Single-Leg Deadlift with Rear Delt Fly
  10. Tabletop with Alternating Knee Crunch
  11. Marching Bridge
  12. Forearm Plank with Leg Lift

Take a quick break, repeat

Run 3 laps before moving to circuit stations

Circuit Stations

Repeat a circuit twice before starting the next circuit.

30 sec of work / 15 sec of rest

Circuit 1

  1. Medicine Ball to Shins
  2. Pushups
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Split Lunge Plyo Jumps or Step Up w/Alt Leg Raise

Circuit 2

  1. Side Planks
  2. Ladders/High Knees
  3. Squat, Curl, and Press
  4. Box Jumps (land low)

Circuit 3

  1. Supermans
  2. Boat Pose
  3. Fast Feet
  4. Burpee to Box Jump

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