Circuits for Bootcamp

Equipment: Hand weights/Barbell, mat

Arms/Shoulders warm up

  1. Wrist rolls
  2. Shoulder rolls
  3. Y, T, W arms
  4. Touch finger tips behind back

Timed warm up, 40/10

  1. Low Impact Jacks
  2. Squats
  3. “Jump Rope”
  4. Around the World Lunges
  5. Slow Mountain Climbers (knee to opposite elbow)
  6. Hip Opener/Grasshopper

Circuit 1 (40/20 x3)

  1. Squat, Curl, Press
  2. Burpee to Deadlift (NO Pushup)
  3. Alt Rev Lunge w/Overhead hold
  4. Push up to renegade row
  5. Weighted Sit-up to Russian Twist
  6. Marching Hip Raises

Circuit 2 (45 sec / 15 second break)

In #1, alternate between exercises three times. Take a break. Move to #2, alternating between exercises 3 times. Take a break, then go to circuit 3.

  1. Back and forth lateral shuffle, touchdown / 4 lunge hops
  2. Sprint forward/back, 180 hop, return, repeat / L/R box drill

Circuit 3 (20/10 x5)

  1. Speed planks
  2. Russian Twist
  3. Boat or Hollow Body Hold
  4. Locust

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