Sure, going to the gym is a commitment: packing a bag, prepping your kid for childcare, braving traffic, finding a locker, getting to a class on time.

But, going to the gym is commitment: honoring your body, enjoying the reward of a workout done right.

I’m a group fitness instructor. This blog is dedicated to you, clerk, desk jockey, and laborer. I’m sharing exercise formats I use for my bootcamp and yoga classes. The formats come from a variety of sources. I modify the exercises and times to meet the needs of the participants who attend the classes I lead. You’re welcome to use them with the understanding that you perform and use these formats and exercises at your own risk (please seek advice and consent from a medical professional before starting any exercise and fitness routine). Through exercises my wish for you is to find a way to move your body and clear your mind.

Push yourself or coast through the exercises. My belief is any movement is good movement. Our lives and responsibilities pull us in different physical directions. We sit too long, stand too long, lift too much. We work hard and neglect our bodies and our minds. Finding time to exercise is a challenge. Walking into a gym without a clear direction might hinder you from experiencing a full and useful workout. Please use these formats and exercises as a suggestion to get you started or to enhance your fitness routine.

When you’re done exercising ask yourself two simple questions: how did you feel before you walked into the gym; how did you feel after you left the gym?

Which format did you use? What exercises did you use? Please let me know. Express how you feel, what you expected, what you learned, etc., after your workout.

Not every format I post will be appropriate for you at any given moment. So, take a look at the top of the blog. I listed categories for suggested exercises to work with your mood.

So, did you get to the gym or go to the gym?

Best wishes to you, your body, and your mind,


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